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Author Topic: Is there a market out there for Cooler Stereos?  (Read 8805 times)
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« Reply #30 on: July 08, 2011, 06:52:46 AM »

make your own signs here

Well you don't have to feed batteries so thats a plus and no more cleaning up stinky midget poop.
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I`m a total freaking rockstar from Mars

firemanpika corvettez28lt4
« Reply #31 on: July 12, 2011, 10:18:58 AM »

Sweet thanks bro that kool now i can have something productive to do with my time at work lol

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« Reply #32 on: August 06, 2012, 04:45:50 PM »

Ive actually sold about 30 and im making $120 profit at selling them for $400. If they want bigger cooler, better speakers, or just any extra options the price goes up. But in all reality its how you sell them to others. When i sold my first one i never thought about ever making these and selling them. I went to a friends lake house and we took the boat to party cove, tied up to others and i had it playing the whole time. I seriosully never got a chance to even get in the water cuz i had so many people come up to me and ask where i found it. I sad "i built it" they were like well how much does it cost, i told them "i had about $600 in mine" they were like if you could get the cost down id buy one. So i took that thought home with me, searched the internet for everything i needed that would still look and sound like mine but with a lot better price tag. Came up with a even better cooler design and made about 4 of them. Went to the lake again 3 weeks later and sold all four and handed them a bushiness card with my number so they could tell people where to get them when others would come up and ask them. This all happened around the beginning of the summer and now every night i get off work i build them. Cant wait for college football season to start up for tailgating, mos def be selling a huge amount there! So i hope this answers you question about cooler stereo markets. Anything can happen just half to do it!
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"Radio Cooler Splasher"

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« Reply #33 on: August 11, 2014, 10:55:00 AM »

This guy made a sweet video and is currently at 8 million dollars in backers.
Once this thing get's released it will cost $299

I paid $185 since I backed the project. This guy will be sucking up all the business.


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